Advice for Pre-MBAs from Non-Quantitative Backgrounds
Today about 33% of MBA students come from non-quant backgrounds or undergrad majors. Many of them go on to excel in business school, and you can join the ranks! Both Divinity and Nicole of are non-quant majors who got admitted to top tier business schools. If you're a pre-MBA applicant from a non-quant background, we're offering this post to help make your path to an MBA simpler. Aside from dominating the quant portion of your GMAT, there are multiple resources you can use to boost your quantitative skills profile. Check out this video from our CEO, Divinity Matovu, offering advice based on her experience boosting her quant profile during the MBA application phase. 
In addition to the recommendations and tips offered in the preceding video, the following suggestions are MBA Mama approved. 
UCLA (or any major university) Extension Program
  • Pros: Although you can opt to take courses online, you can get an in-classroom experience, network of fellow students, official transcripts, access to professors and TAs for personal assistance.
  • Cons: Time consuming, doesn't always fit your schedule, high cost, you might have difficulty accessing campus based on where you live.
Coursera and EdX
  • Pros: You can get lessons from top business programs wherever you are, class offerings are free, you are able to do the lessons relatively on your own schedule, official transcripts and certificates are available, you can access the online TAs and resources for the class.
  • Cons: some certificates may cost a significant amount, some classes are over 3 months, no in-person interaction, you have to wait each week for a new lesson to be presented (cannot combine multiple sessions) 
  • Pros: relatively cheap, lessons provided on all key areas of your MBA core math curriculum, many universities use MBA Math as a primer for their accepted students (program recognition), you have the ability to fit as many sessions into each sitting as you like/can, you can print off or send out a transcript for your program from the site.
  • Cons: No interaction with the other students, no TAs, only resources for understanding outside of lessons are lists of definitions on the site.
Other recommendations include: Junior College classes, Khan Academy,, etc.
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