Cathy Engelbert discusses her journey to becoming Deloitte Consulting's first female CEO
By: Divinity Matovu // I love love LOVE that Cathy speaks candidly about how motherhood impacted her career early on. When Cathy became the new CEO of Deloitte LLP on March 11, 2015, she became one of the most senior women in financial-services, an industry considered by many to be a male-dominated sector that lags in promoting qualified women to the C-suite. Cathy is a 50-year-old mother of two who has been with Deloitte since 1986. Although Cathy did not get her MBA, she definitely embodies everything that Millennial MBA Moms aspire to be.
When asked about the biggest barrier for women in the professional services industry, Cathy said: 

The biggest barrier for women is the thought that they can’t have it all. Can they have a high-performing career? Can they have a career that evolves with the way our clients evolve? And can they raise children, or take care of elderly parents, or whatever issue they have in their personal life? That I believe is still the impediment.

I was pregnant with my first child the year I was up for partner. I started to think to myself, can I actually do this? I actually looked at a job opportunity outside the firm. It was really difficult for me to make that decision: stay or go? There’s a level of uncertainty when you think about the future, and you think about the job you have today, and wonder if you can balance it all. - Source: WAPO Article | "Cathy Engelbert on becoming Deloitte’s first female CEO"

Cathy is completely right about the question of balance and women thinking they can't have a high-powered career and children. This is one of the fundamental concepts at the root of why we created MBA Mama. We want to shatter that myth once and for all. If you're a woman considering children and an MBA - or if you already have at least one child - you can do it! With so many MBA women aiming to transition into consulting, Cathy is a testament to the fact that with proper preparation, perseverance, training and time management, it is possible to have it all, and then some! 
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