Freaking Out About The GMAT?
The GMAT exam is a critical part of the admission process. If you are not familiar with the format or content tested on the GMAT, create an account at Once you decide the MBA is the right graduate degree for you, preparing for the GMAT should be at the top of your to-do list. We recommend that you start preparing for the GMAT a minimum of 10-12 months before the application deadline for your target schools. 
While many MBA programs accept the GRE as an alternative, many prospective MBAs around the world opt to take the GMAT. If you're in the pre-MBA stage and you're freaking out about the GMAT, Divinity offer some words of wisdom in the video below. This feedback is unique to Divinity's journey and her perspective as a single mother running her own business. Check out the videos below and visit us soon for more content about the GMAT from other women who have conquered the exam. 
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