Friday Funnies: #DistractinglySexy? How Would Beyoncé Respond?
By: MBA Mama Team // In case you missed it, Nobel Prize winner Tim Hunt told a crowd of people at a conference in South Korea that it’s distracting to work alongside “girls” in laboratories because “they fall in love with you and when you criticize them, they cry.” Not only did Hunt refer to accomplished adult women as "girls" but he also used one of the oldest gender stereotypes known to (wo)mankind. Hunt's questionable remarks were made on June 9th. On June 10th, after facing massive criticism, Hunt resigned from his position as Honorary Professor at University College London.
Shortly thereafter, the hashtag #distractinglysexy went viral as female research scientists mocked Hunt's comments with hilarious photos showing just how unglamorous their careers actually are. When these events happen, we can't help but think: what would Beyoncé do? How would Beyoncé respond? Well, we think the response in the header pretty much sums it up. Moving forward, we encourage everyone - even super smart Nobel Prize winners - to think before you speak. You can click here to search #distractinglysexy tweets but here is our favorite one from Amy Remeikis, Political Editor for the Brisbane Times. 
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