Friday Funnies: How Our Faves Might Respond to Problematic Anecdotes from NYT Article about Work & Gender Equality
If you haven't read the latest New York Times article about how the United States' 24/7 work culture is impacting women, you can check it out here. The article includes interesting research and commentary from Irene Padavic of Florida State University, Erin Reid of Boston University, and Robin Ely of Harvard Business School. Essentially, the NYT piece suggests that family-friendly policies have actually been stalling the career trajectory of some women, and concludes that the bigger issue may revolve around the increasing expectation that employees - especially leaders working in industries like law, finance, consulting and accounting - be available around-the-clock. It is a great read backed up with some A-1 research. Nevertheless, we raised our eyebrows after reading some of the anecdotes from employees of the consulting firm that was the subject of the research. Here is how we think Bey and Ye would respond to these folks. 
“What do I want people to worry about when they wake up first thing in the morning? For project managers, I want them to worry about the project. Women are the project manager in the home, so it is hard for them to spend the necessary time, energy and effort to be viewed here as senior leaders.” - male senior partner at a global consulting firm
Excuse us? Why? Or as Kanye would say, how Sway?  
“When I look at a female partner, it does leak into my thinking: How do I think she is as a mother in addition to how do I think she is as a partner? When I look at men, I don’t think about what kind of father they are.” - a female associate at the same firm
It is so frustrating when women make comments like the one quoted above. Why should a woman who has risen in the ranks be looked down upon, by a less qualified individual at that, for working the hours necessary to succeed? We wonder whether the associate has considered that, by being ambitious, dedicated and rising to the level of partner, the woman she is silently judging may be a great mother who is modeling excellent behavior for her child(ren). Beyoncé proclaimed that women are "strong enough to bear them children, then get back to business." This is why we can't help but think the female associate's comment would warrant a Beyoncé "girl, what?" reaction. 
Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. What did you think of the article and the anecdotes outlined above? Are women the default "project managers" of the home? Are women aiming for the C-suite inevitably less capable in fulfilling their roles as moms? We don't think so but we want to hear your thoughts. Comment below and share your opinion. 
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