JOB OPPORTUNITY: Casting Call to Voice Tiny Docs Animated Character
Tiny Docs is a Chicago-based health and wellness website designed to help kids and families understand surgical procedures and health & wellness issues. Tiny Docs' animated short films, starring Dr. Patches and Nurse Scrubs, will help kids and families prepare for, and understand, issues related to health. offers short cartoons featuring stars, Dr. Patches, a precocious 10-year-old girl physician and her sidekick, Nurse Scrubs, an 8-year-old boy wonder nurse. Tiny Docs' cartoons will educate kids and their parents about a wide range of health issues in an entertaining and educational way.
MBA Mama is excited to share a fun opportunity to provide voiceover talent for Kevin, one of the main characters of Tiny Docs' first animated adventure, "Shiver Me Tonsils!" Kevin is a curious, adventurous 8-year-old. His voice is similar to Russell from "Up!" If you're interested, email Sunny Williams: The turn-around time is tight, so contact Sunny asap!
Check out this awesome Tiny Docs teaser video below. If you cant apply for the voiceover job, definitely stay tuned for more exciting news from Tiny Docs. We're sure your kiddos will love it. 
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