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MBA Mama Initiative

Because action speaks louder than words.

By: MBA Mama Team // MBA Mama is committed to affecting real change in the business world for mothers and millennial women with high potential. This change begins with the top MBA programs in the country. We know elite schools are constantly seeking to attract the top candidates and we believe they have been missing out on a large pool of incredible candidates by overlooking mothers and women planning to begin their families who are also seeking to obtain their MBA.  As a result, we have begun the MBA Mama Initiative. 
Member schools of the MBA Mama Initiative are committed to recruiting top MBA women and supporting them in their unique family planning or care process. All members are committing to create a dedicated web page specifically for MBA prospects who are current or future mothers. This page will outline all resources available for mothers on and off campus, include an FAQ section, and list a designated school contact that will be able to assist moms transitioning to campus.  
"As an MBA mom, I would like to see leaders of MBA programs move away from rhetoric about how much they support women, and start to take direct action. The Initiative page we're proposing provides schools with an easy, concrete way to reach, address, and support a key constituent of women who are far too often left out of the MBA recruiting equation. I look forward to seeing who steps up to the plate." - Divinity Matovu, MBA Mama CEO/Founder
All member schools will be listed on our blog with links directly to their Initiative page, demonstrating their dedication to recruiting top female candidates, increasing their visibility, and improving their incoming class profiles over the years.
MBA Mama rejects the myth that career, higher education and family are mutually exclusive for women and seeks to help millennial women pursuing graduate degrees in business unleash their full potential. We look forward to the top business schools in the country joining us in the movement.  
If your school is ready to make a commitment to exceptional women and mothers in business, you can begin the process by signing the Initiative commitment form - available here, today. 
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