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By: Divinity Matovu // On July 15, 2015, MBA Mama officially turned 90 days old! The growth over the past 3 months has been rapid, overwhelming and extremely rewarding. To succeed, entrepreneurs must constantly test, iterate and pivot when necessary. In this spirit of innovation, we've decided to transition our blog content to Medium, a robust platform that will allow us to streamline our storiesgrow our online community and allow you, our supporters, to better navigate all of our content. 

Rest assured is still home base for all the latest news about our growing brand and you will be able to access the blog from the main site long after the full transition is complete. We’ve already exported some top blog posts - check it out here. Existing content and applicable links for all articles previously posted here on will stay live for the next 90 days, and all new blog content will be posted here.

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