Pre-MBA Math: Boosting Quant Skills With Online Courses
By: Divinity Matovu // I've been a huge advocate for supplemental math courses for MBA applicants with little to no quantitative backgrounds. In a previous post "Advice for Pre-MBAs from Non-Quantitative Backgrounds," I shared a video blog about my personal experience taking Calculus and Statistics courses at UCLA Extension. Taking pre-MBA math courses is a great way for non-quant applicants to demonstrate self-awareness and a pro-active attitude towards addressing a professional growth area. 
Although I've taken two courses in the past year, I am continuing my preparation for Wharton's core curriculum by taking two online courses: "Math For Business" and "Accounting." The courses are provided by Wharton. The material is not difficult and I surprised myself by actually enjoying the challenge of mastering the quizzes and end-of-module practice sets. Initially, I did not think I had the discipline for online courses. I felt I needed to actually go to a real, live classroom and have the opportunity to learn from, and interact with, a real professor. The online courses I am taking this summer have opened my eyes to the benefits of e-learning and I see no evidence that my learning outcomes will be different.
Here are the top 3 things I love about online courses.
  1. Flexibility: I can open my laptop whenever I feel like it to complete