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30 days ago, I walked away from my corporate job as a Community Program Manager at Lyft. I wrote about that here.

Today, I am in the Lahaina area of Maui, Hawaii with my daughter, Nyah celebrating Mother's Day. Check out this awesome video I captured yesterday of a trio of bottlenose dolphins while on a snorkeling / boat tour with the Pacific Whale Foundation.

After one month of self-reflection, prayer and strategic planning, I have made some key decisions about my self care, family life, career and community involvement.


After speaking with my doctor and my therapist, I realized that I was abusing alcohol for at least the 9 months prior to resigning my position at Lyft. On days when work was particularly overwhelming, I was consuming 1.5 - 2 bottles of wine at night by myself. Some nights, I could not sleep without having a glass or two or three of red wine. I had a particularly scary night in early February 2019 where I had put Nyah to bed and ran myself a bubble bath to relax and decompress. Earlier in the day, I had dealt with some stressful work encounters and I had argued with my ex-husband. The warm water felt incredible and I was grateful for some peace and quiet. I was drinking red wine straight from the bottle and I fell asleep in the bathtub. I could have drowned. I was so ashamed when I woke up 5 hours later in a cold bath with my wine bottle floating in the tub. The water was rose-colored because the wine had mixed with my bath water. This was a wake-up call.

What's crazy is that I have several family members who have struggled with addiction to drugs like crack cocaine, meth, prescription pills and heroine. I prided myself on being stronger and wiser than them when the truth is that I almost succumbed to alcoholism as a way to cope with the challenges I was facing. Thanks to my primary care physician, my therapist, my friends, and an amazing man I am dating who I refer to affectionately as Dr. Bae, I am drinking much less and have been prioritizing my physical and mental health. I still have the occasional mimosa at brunch but I am no longer taking shots of Hennessy in between meetings or drinking a bottle of wine before bed.

Family Life

I am going to homeschool Nyah next year and travel the world with her. This trip to Hawaii is stop # 1 on the Divinity Nyah World Tour. Los Angeles will continue to be home base but our travels will take us to at least 4 continents! I will be sharing lessons learned with the MBA Mama community so stay tuned.


After pursuing some job opportunities in the cannabis industry and digital media in SoCal, I've decided that I need a break from the rat race. I am going to focus on growing MBA Mama and working 100% remote for the next 12-15 months. I have a few consulting gigs and real estate projects in the works as well but more about that later.

Community Involvement

My passion for community has been the only constant in my career. I'm so excited to be giving back to my community as Executive Director of Barbara Goss-Gonzalez Memorial Scholarship Fund. The BGG Fund will empower ambitious moms in Greater Racine to pursue their educational and career goals. I am investing my own money to launch the BGG Fund which will award two $5,000 scholarships annually to women from Racine who have at least one child and are pursuing higher education. Details on that here.

Moving forward, I will share more about how I am navigating these big life decisions in a series of bite-sized videos on my personal Instagram, on this blog, and MBA Mama's YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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