What Works For Women At Work
MBA Mama highlights the research of Joan C. Williams' which analyzes how, when professional women have children, they often find themselves running into a "maternal wall": their commitment and competence are questioned, and opportunities start drying up.
We first saw this video via Lean In's official Facebook page. Joan C. Williams is Distinguished professor of law at the University of California, Hastings College of Law and co-author of What Works for Women at Work: Four Patterns Working Women Need to Know. Intrigued by Professor Williams' analysis, particularly the concept of the Maternal Wall, we decided to share this series with our readers. 
According to Williams' data, when researchers gave subjects identical resumes except for one detail—one mentioned "membership in the PTA"—the mothers were 79% less likely to be hired and held to higher performance and punctuality standards. In this series of videos, Joan Williams takes on one of the most potent forms of gender bias, the maternal wall, and how we can educate people about these stereotypes—and start breaking them. (Via LeanIn)
WATCH: Part 1 - What Works for Women at Work: Prove It Again

Ever feel like you have to prove yourself more than men? Learn tactics for demonstrating your competence.

Learn how to navigate the tightrope between between being perceived as too “masculine” and too “feminine”

Learn how to navigate assumptions that are often triggered by motherhood

Gender bias can fuel conflict amongst women. Learn to navigate this form of bias—and help others do so.

What are your thoughts on Professor Williams' research? Has the maternal wall affected you? 

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