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    Starting Mother's Day 2019, we are highlighting 100 MBA Mamas who inspire us. Every day for 100 days, we will profile a new MBA Mama. Check out our most recent profiles and see more here.

    Carnegie Mellon University

    Tepper School of Business, Class of 2017

    Focus: Finance, Strategy, & Organizational Behavior

    Current Job: Senior Strategy Consultant

    Company: Accenture

    Location: Chicago, Illinois

    Hometown: Coral Springs, Florida

    Mom Status: Mother of 1

    Relationship Status: Married to college love

    Instagram: @lilianmcn

    It truly takes a village to raise and care for your child.

    Mama # 12: Shammi Quddus

    Stanford Graduate School of Business

    Class of 2018

    Current Job: Customer Insights Solutions and Strategy Manager

    Company: Google

    Location: Sunnyvale, California

    Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Mom Status: Mother of 2

    Relationship Status: Married (cis female, hetero)


    Being a working mom is like playing tennis. You are on the court but there is an entire team on the benches that make it possible for you to get up there. My parents are essentially raising my kids. I make sure to explain clearly why I need the help and celebrate the wins as a team effort at home. For example, when I won an internal innovation award at Google, I made sure to recognize the contribution that my family made towards it.​

    Mama # 11: Nazik Zhumalieva

    The Wharton School

    Class of 2018

    Current Job: Finance Lead for Waze Carpool

    Company: Google

    Location: Mountain View, California

    Hometown: Bishek, Kyrgyzstan

    Mom Status: Mother of 2

    Relationship Status: Married

    Instagram: @zhumalieva

    I used to feel very guilty for taking some afternoons off at work to make it to my son's belt testing/dentist appointment/[fill in the blank]. I used to feel even more guilty for spending a lot of time working/studying/travelling for business away from children. But that's not what I want my life to be about and definitely not the model that I want my children to follow. So I am learning constantly to give myself credit for everything that I'm doing and enjoy being both a professional and a mom. That's a single lesson I want to teach my children - follow for your dream, but don't forget to enjoy the ride.

    University of Texas McCombs

    Class of 2019

    Current Job: Product Manager

    Company: Cerebras Systems

    Location: Mountain View, California

    Hometown: New Delhi, India

    Mom Status: Mother of 1

    Relationship Status: Married to her (prior) grad school sweetheart

    Instagram: @aish_naga

    Twitter: @AishwaryaNaga

    The best thing I learned was to turn what was different about me into an advantage. Whether it was being a woman in computer engineering, where I used my empathy and relationship-building skills to be promoted to tech lead, or in business school, where having a child provided me opportunities to form meaningful connections with mentors, sponsors and potential employers. I was already pretty efficient with my time before school, but adopted the Pareto principle as my motto in school - recognizing I won't get everything done, so only prioritize the work and relationships that would provide me meaning and joy.

    Mama # 9: Denise Ochigbo

    Arizona State University (MBA in Finance and Marketing/Entrepreneurship) and MS in Finance

    Class of 2017

    Current Job: Global Brand Manager

    Company: Eli Lilly & Company

    Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

    Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

    Mom Status: Mother of 1

    Relationship Status: Happily married

    It’s possible to work in the healthcare industry. Find a company that values family life and has active mom support groups. I am fortunate to work for Eli Lilly, a top pharmaceutical company that have a strong support group for moms, dads, and kids.

    Mama # 8: Stacy Blackman

    Kellogg Graduate School of Management

    Class of 1999

    Current Job: President

    Company: Stacy Blackman Consulting

    Location: Los Angeles, California

    Hometown: Los Angeles, California

    Mom Status: Mother of 3

    Relationship Status: Married for 18+ years

    Instagram: @theblacklightchannel

    Twitter: @stacyblackman

    Much of the time we feel tired not because we are doing too much but because we are doing too little of what makes you come alive. Focus on the stuff that lights you up, and you will be more energized to do it "all".

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    Our Story

    Founded in 2015 by Divinity Matovu, MBA Mama is an online platform that provides ambitious MBA women with resources, inspiration, community and healthy (R.I.C.H.) strategies to successfully navigate family and career planning. We offer products and services to women at all stages of their career journey.

    Dream Team

    Inspiration and Vision

    "I was inspired to start MBA Mama after seeing few images of - or resources for - women with children in MBA programs I was interested in. The StartingBloc family and Nicole's passion gave me the confidence to launch MBA Mama as a business. As Black and Latina founders, Nicole and I are proud to be the creators and leaders of MBA Mama. We both have overcome many hurdles to reach this point in our careers. We are committed to creating a company that revolutionizes how our society views work and family. We are thankful for the privilege to pursue our dreams of empowering career women who desire to live full, balanced lives." - Divinity

    How We Met

    Divinity and Nicole's chance encounter

    "Divinity and I met for the first time in February 2015 in Los Angeles at StartingBloc's Social Innovation Institute, although we later learned we'd both attended USC, have a ton of mutual friends and each spent time working in East and Central Africa. I was impressed with Divinity's pitch of MBA Mama in StartingBloc's Ideas Marketplace competition. Divinity was named one of the winners, and her prize was a team of 15+ fellows rapid prototyping the MBA Mama concept for half a day. I was on Divinity's team. We hit it off immediately. After discovering our shared passion for women's empowerment, we agreed to form a business partnership." - Nicole

    After a hiatus in 2018 where the team was not producing new content, MBA Mama officially relaunched on Mother's Day 2019. Nicole is no longer actively involved with MBA Mama; however, her contributions in the early days were significant and she remains an integral part of our brand story and our company history.

  • Our Team

    We've got a top notch remote team of professional women dedicated to curating our community and helping you reach your goals

    Divinity Matovu

    CEO & Queen of Content

    Divinity is a mother and tech entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, California. She has worked at major corporations like Lyft, Goldman Sachs, YMCA of Metro Milwaukee and SC Johnson in her home state of Wisconsin. She is a 1st generation Magna Cum Laude graduate with a BA from University of Southern California and a MBA from Wharton where she focused on finance and entrepreneurial management. She is an advocate for career moms and empowerment of women globally. Passionate about social impact and community, she has lived and worked in East Africa and founded MBA Mama in 2015 to help women navigate family and career planning. In 2019, she created a scholarship fund to honor her late mother, Barbara Goss-Gonzalez and empower women with children from Racine, WI who are pursuing higher education.

    Sarah Whitney

    Head of Design & Creative

    Sarah is a designer, creative digital producer and art director based in Portland, Oregon. She holds a degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology (2004-2008). She has worked with global brands like Nike Golf, Gap, TJ Maxx, Kenneth Cole, Puma and Macy’s and has experience in UX/UI and graphic design, fashion, and web development. Over the last decade, Sarah has designed every logo for Divinity's multiple ventures dating back to the Amagezi Gemaanyi Youth Association in Uganda after connecting with Divinity via Idealist.com. Throughout her career, Sarah has honed her expertise as a graphic artist, photographer, marketer, product developer, art teacher, volunteer educator, community gardener, adventure seeker and story teller. As a brand strategist, Sarah knows how to grab people’s attention with amazing graphics & persuasive visual stories. Learn more about Sarah and view her portfolio here.


    Ashley Jackson, Esq

    Legal Advisor

    Ashley is a new mom and seasoned attorney based in Chicago, Illinois. She specializes in data security and privacy work. She is an International Association of Privacy Professionals certified information privacy professional. Ms. Jackson is proficient in both U.S. and international privacy laws, including the newly passed California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), New York Department of Financial Services Cybersecurity Regulation, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), and the Illinois Biometric Privacy Act (BIPA). Ashley holds a JD with an emphasis on Business Organizations and Litigation from Boston University School of Law. She holds a BA from the University of Southern California which is where she met Divinity when they were both student leaders in USC's NAACP chapter.

    Monique McKenzie

    Head of PR and Communications

    Monique is a consumer brand storyteller based in Oakland, California. She has 12 years experience designing integrated communications campaigns for the most iconic and recognized global brands. She’s inspired, coached and led in-house and agency teams to create award winning campaigns for Postmates, Lyft, LG, Citi, T-Mobile, AT&T and more that make people not just think of each brand but know them and love them. Mo excels at integrated communications campaigns for lifestyle brands that infuse influencer marketing, media relations, social media and more. Whether it’s a product launch, experiential event or influencer campaign, Mo is skilled at curating moments that don’t just build brand awareness and brand love but moments that land brands in Buzzfeed, Conde Nast Traveler, Glamour, InStyle, Marie Claire, Page Six, Refinery29, The Cut, The Washington Post, USA Today and more.



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