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    The MBA Mama Story


    Founded in 2015 by Divinity Matovu

    MBA Mama is an online platform that provides ambitious women with resources, inspiration, community and healthy (R.I.C.H.) strategies to successfully navigate family and career planning. We offer products and services to women at all stages of their career journey. 

    MBA Mama launches summer 2015 after StartingBloc Social Innovation Fellowship, and relaunches in 2021

    Divinity says: "I was inspired to start MBA Mama after seeing few images of - or resources for - women with children in MBA programs I was interested in. The StartingBloc family and Nicole's passion gave me the confidence to launch MBA Mama as a business in 2015 as I was preparing to start my MBA at Wharton as a single mom of a 3 year old. As Black and Latina founders, Nicole and I have always been proud to be the creators and leaders of MBA Mama. Nicole has since moved on from MBA Mama but she continues to support our work. As I re-launch MBA Mama in 2021, I am committed to creating a community of women that revolutionizes how our society views work and family. I'm thankful for the privilege to pursue my passion for empowering career women who desire to live full, balanced lives."

  • We believe the MBA is a worthwhile investment for career moms to boost their earning potential, develop critical leadership skills and supercharge their career trajectory.

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    ABOVE: MBA Mama Founder & CEO, Divinity Matovu, walking across the stage on Mother's Day 2017 with her daughter Nyah at Wharton's MBA graduation.

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    "Being a working mom is like playing tennis. You are on the court but there is an entire team on the benches that make it possible for you to get up there. My parents are essentially raising my kids. I make sure to explain clearly why I need the help and celebrate the wins as a team effort at home. For example, when I won an internal innovation award at Google, I made sure to recognize the contribution that my family made towards it.​
    We desperately need more women and mothers in tech leadership roles. There is genuine good intention from employers and managers to make it more inclusive so it's a good time to work here." - Shami Quddus, Stanford GSB '18, Product Manager @ Google
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    "I feel like the expectation is for me to mother like I don't work and for me to work like I don't mother. So generally there are few moments when I'm doing well at both, but the worst moment (in my mind) would be doing poorly at both simultaneously. I'm internally driven and energized by both working and mothering. Investment banking certainly takes working mom struggles to another level. Finding balance will continue to be my biggest challenge but I appreciate the village we have around us. Because I know that Johnathan and Noah feel so much love." - KelliAnne Kelly, Cornell Johnson '16, Head of Equity Private Investments, Banking @ Evercore

    Memberships to MBA Mama are available at the following rates:

    • MBA Students: $99 per year or $12.99 per month
    • Professionals: $199 per year or $24.99 per month