Brands We Love: Groovy Butter

By: Divinity Matovu

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Groovy Butter founder Rachel Weber has worked in the wellness space for years – previously running innovation at Juice Press, a health food restaurant with 85 locations. Prior to Juice Press, Rachel studied at Cornell University where she became passionate about wellness, sustainability, and entrepreneurship.

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Groovy Butter launched in January 2021 with a line of decadently creamy CBD-infused organic nut butters using pure, radiant ingredients, designed to uplift your mood and relax you.

Each sustainable ingredient was carefully combined to bring you relief, calm, and focus – like mood-lifting organic raw Peruvian cacao, a touch of organic unrefined coconut sugar hand-picked in Bali, regeneratively farmed hemp, and low water usage organic stone ground nuts.

Rachel was an early adopter for CBD back in 2016 when someone she met on Phish tour sent her a CBD tincture in an unmarked container – touting the benefits for stress relief and sleep. It completely changed Rachel's life. She saw quickly that when she was consistent with CBD, the panic attacks that have challenged her since she was in grade school evaporated. 

I dreamed up Groovy Butter when I saw people around me quite literally losing sleep during the onset of the pandemic. I watched a huge uptick of anxiety among my friends but struggled to get people to consistently use CBD tinctures, and knew there had to be a solution. 

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I designed Groovy Butter as a way to fit CBD use seamlessly into my friends’ and family’s daily rituals – elevating their standard scoop of almond butter and making their nightly dessert treat into a wellness practice. It makes CBD so effortless and fun to enjoy – just blend Groovy Butter into a smoothie, spread it onto toast, drizzle on ice cream, or enjoy a spoonful directly from the jar.

The branding was inspired by Rachel's love for the psychedelic 1960s and to evoke the peace, love, and good vibes from her favorite Jimi Hendrix records and Grateful Dead concert posters.

When asked why the MBA Mama audience might love her products, Rachel told us: 

MBA Mamas are high-achieving, busy women who deserve the best chill and focus while they’re trucking on towards their goals! Groovy Butter is a great way to incorporate relaxing and focus-promoting CBD into your busy day – just replace the nut butters you were already adding to your smoothies, toast, fruit, or ice cream with Groovy Butter and feel the positive mood-uplifting benefits of CBD.

As she seeks to grow her business, Rachel plans to continue to expand into luxury boutique wellness shops and apothecaries while building the DTC e-commerce business by partnering with inspiring wellness influencers. 

As MBA Mama's founder and CEO, I can attest to the benefits of CBD and I use tinctures regularly. I recently placed my first order of Groovy Butter's Hazelnut Cacao Butter and I'm so excited to add it to my diet. The nut butters ship direct to consumer and the online ordering process was simple and easy. All MBA Mama subscribers should check their emails for a special discount code that will save you 15% off your first order. Be sure to leave a review and share your customer feedback on social media. You can follow Groovy Butter on Instagram and Twitter