#MBAMama Where Are They Now: Jennifer Sepulveda

By: Divinity Matovu

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Jennifer was one of the first MBA moms we featured when I launched this platform. Jennifer was our January 2016 MBA Mama of the Month and she shared her story of surviving her 1st semester at Columbia Business School, and she offered tips on traveling abroad with your tiny human(s) using her experience with her daughter who was 9 years old at the time. Now, Jennifer is a granny (to an adorable toy poodle named Jade) and her daughter, Jenelle, is a high schooler!!!

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Jennifer was born in Dominican Republic and moved to the US at a young age. She had her daughter Jenelle while she was in college. After graduating Baruch College, she went to work at Deloitte Consulting where she managed engagement economics alongside partners and senior managers on audit engagements. Her work experience was rewarding and helped her grow professionally but Jennifer had developed other career interests and decided to pursue her MBA to transition careers. 

Her MBA journey began with participating in Management Leadership of Tomorrow (MLT)’s MBA Prep program. Through the MBA prep program, Jennifer developed professionally, grew her network and was ready to apply to top MBA programs. In 2017, Jennifer graduated from Columbia Business School and began working as Management Associate at Citi’s Consumer Bank. 

Jennifer currently works at Laurel Road as Sr. Digital Product Marketing Manager. Aside from her thriving corporate career, Jennifer has developed knowledge in real estate through her own investments and partnered with people in her MBA network to invest in a few early stage companies. This is one area she hopes to continue to learn and expand on. 

Jennifer’s daughter Jenelle started high school this fall and recently got her decade long wish of having a dog.

MBA Mama Founder, Divinity Matovu, will be going live on Instagram with Jennifer on Saturday October 16 @ 11:30 am EST so tune in to get some insights into Jennifer's MBA Mama journey. 

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