• Carnegie Mellon University

    Tepper School of Business, Class of 2017

    Focus: Finance, Strategy, & Organizational Behavior

    Current Job: Senior Strategy Consultant

    Company: Accenture

    Location: Chicago, Illinois

    Hometown: Coral Springs, Florida

    Mom Status: Mother of 1

    Relationship Status: Married to college love

    Instagram: @lilianmcn

    Lilian's #MBAMama Thoughts


    It truly takes a village to raise and care for your child. Be kind to yourself and don’t forget to enjoy the present.

    Mama # 12: Shammi Quddus

    Stanford Graduate School of Business

    Class of 2018

    Current Job: Customer Insights Solutions and Strategy Manager

    Company: Google

    Location: Sunnyvale, California

    Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Mom Status: Mother of 2

    Relationship Status: Married (cis female, hetero)

    Shammi's #MBAMama Thoughts


    Being a working mom is like playing tennis. You are on the court but there is an entire team on the benches that make it possible for you to get up there. My parents are essentially raising my kids. I make sure to explain clearly why I need the help and celebrate the wins as a team effort at home. For example, when I won an internal innovation award at Google, I made sure to recognize the contribution that my family made towards it.​


    We desperately need more women and mothers in tech leadership roles. There is genuine good intention from employers and managers to make it more inclusive so it's a good time to work here.

    Mama # 11: Nazik Zhumalieva

    The Wharton School

    Class of 2018

    Current Job: Finance Lead for Waze Carpool

    Company: Google

    Location: Mountain View, California

    Hometown: Bishek, Kyrgyzstan

    Mom Status: Mother of 2

    Relationship Status: Married

    Instagram: @zhumalieva

    Nazik's #MBAMama Thoughts


    I used to feel very guilty for taking some afternoons off at work to make it to my son's belt testing/dentist appointment/[fill in the blank]. I used to feel even more guilty for spending a lot of time working/studying/travelling for business away from children. But that's not what I want my life to be about and definitely not the model that I want my children to follow. So I am learning constantly to give myself credit for everything that I'm doing and enjoy being both a professional and a mom. That's a single lesson I want to teach my children - follow for your dream, but don't forget to enjoy the ride.

    University of Texas McCombs

    Class of 2019

    Current Job: Product Manager

    Company: Cerebras Systems

    Location: Mountain View, California

    Hometown: New Delhi, India

    Mom Status: Mother of 1

    Relationship Status: Married to her (prior) grad school sweetheart

    Instagram: @aish_naga

    Twitter: @AishwaryaNaga

    Aishwarya's #MBAMama Thoughts


    The best thing I learned was to turn what was different about me into an advantage. Whether it was being a woman in computer engineering, where I used my empathy and relationship-building skills to be promoted to tech lead, or in business school, where having a child provided me opportunities to form meaningful connections with mentors, sponsors and potential employers. I was already pretty efficient with my time before school, but adopted the Pareto principle as my motto in school - recognizing I won't get everything done, so only prioritize the work and relationships that would provide me meaning and joy.

    Mama # 9: Denise Ochigbo

    Arizona State University (MBA in Finance and Marketing/Entrepreneurship) and MS in Finance

    Class of 2017

    Current Job: Global Brand Manager

    Company: Eli Lilly & Company

    Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

    Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

    Mom Status: Mother of 1

    Relationship Status: Happily married

    Denise's #MBAMama Thoughts


    It’s possible to work in the healthcare industry. Find a company that values family life and has active mom support groups. I am fortunate to work for Eli Lilly, a top pharmaceutical company that have a strong support group for moms, dads, and kids.

    Mama # 8: Stacy Blackman

    Kellogg Graduate School of Management

    Class of 1999

    Current Job: President

    Company: Stacy Blackman Consulting

    Location: Los Angeles, California

    Hometown: Los Angeles, California

    Mom Status: Mother of 3

    Relationship Status: Married for 18+ years

    Instagram: @theblacklightchannel

    Twitter: @stacyblackman

    Stacy's #MBAMama Thoughts


    Much of the time we feel tired not because we are doing too much but because we are doing too little of what makes you come alive. Focus on the stuff that lights you up, and you will be more energized to do it "all".


    Some days are better and more productive than others but you just keep moving, keep chipping away. How do you get started? You just start. Take one step and then another and soon you have built something.

    Mama # 7: Monique Benoit

    Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business

    Class of 2015

    Current Job: Senior Buyer

    Company: Target

    Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

    Mom Status: Mother of 3 girls

    Relationship Status: Married

    Monique's #MBAMama Thoughts


    In retail, being a mom is a bonus- it gives you access to how the consumer with children thinks. Use that to your advantage.

    University of Chicago Booth School of Business

    Class of 2017

    Current Job: Product Marketing Manager

    Company: Google

    Location: Mountain View, California

    Hometown: Panama City, Panama

    Mom Status: Mother of 1 daughter

    Relationship Status: Married

    Instagram: @valerieangelkos

    Valerie's #MBAMama Thoughts


    You have to set your own boundaries to manage having a successful career and devote time to your family. Business school gave me the flexibility to devote time to my daughter without being tied to a strict schedule and constant travel, but this isn't necessarily the case when you go back to work. Prioritizing my family above all has helped me understand and set my own personal boundaries of what work-life balance means to me, and understand what, where and when, do I have to devote time to different aspects of my life to continue to grow personally and professionally.

    Tech Marketing is a great industry/function combination for career moms. It provides a space where you can think strategically to shape a product, project, or campaign and drive impact, without having to put in 12+ hour work days. The flexibility and agility of tech companies allows you to work at your own pace, wherever you are, and balance work and family. This is a great environment to work at, in particular for career moms who have small kids that need extra attention, care, and might get sick often.

    Columbia Business School

    Class of 2017

    Current Job: Management Associate

    Company: Citi

    Location: New York, New York

    Hometown: Bronx, New York

    Mom Status: Mother of 1 daughter

    Relationship Status: Single

    Instagram: @jennifersepulveda

    Jennifer's #MBAMama Thoughts


    Make the sacrifices early and invest to reap the rewards later.

    Mama # 4: Megan Thompson

    University of Rochester

    Class of 2016

    Current Job: IT Manager (and Founder/CEO)

    Company: Frontier Communications (and Kharma Software)

    Location: Rochester, New York

    Hometown: Webster, New York

    Mom Status: Mother of 2 girls

    Relationship Status: Married

    Instagram: @votemeganthompson

    Megan's #MBAMama Thoughts


    My daughters are always watching and learning from me. If I make them proud, nothing else matters.


    Don't wait for anything to be handed to you; go out and take what you deserve.

    Mama # 3: LaToya Marc

    Harvard Business School

    Class of 2017

    Current Job: Rotational Leadership Program

    Company: Comcast NBCUniversal

    Location: Los Angeles, California

    Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

    Mom Status: Mother of 1

    Relationship Status:Married to eHarmony jackpot

    Instagram: @ellenicole321

    LaToya's #MBAMama Thoughts


    Serenity is key. There is so much I cannot change and I just have to roll with it. Learning to master the obsessive vs chill vibe at work & at home has been a delicate dance.

    Mama # 2: Gil Kaminski

    The Wharton School

    Class of 2016

    Current Job: Regional Operations Director

    Company: Davita Kidney Care

    Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Hometown: Kfar Saba, Israel

    Mom Status: Mother of 3

    Relationship Status: Married to college sweetheart

    Instagram: @gilkami

    Gil's #MBAMama Thoughts


    I love working in the healthcare industry because of how well it’s aligned with my home life, not only logistically, but from a values and mission stand point. As parents, my husband and I have little time or energy to waste doing work that isn’t aligned with who we are. Being fulfilled at work makes working as a parent feel much easier. For me, working at Davita is energizing. I am fortunate to have joined a company that truly cares about inclusion and belonging. Having that support as a young mother - not only at home, but at work - is something I’m so grateful for.

    Mama # 1: KelliAnne Kelly

    Cornell University Johnson School of Management

    Class of 2016

    Current Job: Investment banking associate

    Company: Evercore

    Location: Harlem, New York

    Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

    Mom Status: Mother of 2 boys, Johnathan and Noah

    Relationship Status: Met her husband Greg during business school. They were married on New Year's Eve: December 31, 2018.

    Instagram: @offautopilot

    Kelli's #MBAMama Thoughts

    I feel like the expectation is for me to mother like I don't work and for me to work like I don't mother. So generally there are few moments when I'm doing well at both, but the worst moment (in my mind) would be doing poorly at both simultaneously. I'm internally driven and energized by both working and mothering. Investment banking certainly takes working mom struggles to another level. Finding balance will continue to be my biggest challenge but I appreciate the village we have around us. Because I know that Johnathan and Noah feel so much love.

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