MBA Mama is the world's largest professional network dedicated exclusively to MBA moms


    Memberships are available at the following rates:

    • MBA Students: $99 per year or $12.99 per month
    • Professionals: $199 per year or $24.99 per month
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  • Benefits of joining MBA Mama's global community of kickass career moms

    • connections to our diverse global network of ambitious MBA Mamas
    • private job board and career advancement resources with corporate partners
    • exclusive invitations to meetups, happy hours and special events 
    • mentoring from successful female business executives
    • opportunities to build your personal brand and share your story with other ambitious career moms
    • professional development workshops on topics like: negotiations, personal finance, emotional intelligence, public speaking and leadership
    • life skills seminars on topics like: hiring a nanny or housekeeper on a budget, planning maternity leave, traveling with kids, fitness hacks, and managing your household 
    All members must apply and provide proof of their credentials and/or graduated school enrollment to join. Professional women who do not hold MBA degrees will be considered for membership on a case by case basis.
    You may qualify for a $9.99 per month membership if you currently earn less than $50K annually.

  • Early and mid-career professionals

    • career coaching and mentorship to aid your professional development
    • access to workshops on family planning, salary negotiations and more
    • mock interviews and performance review prep

    Prospective and Current Students

    • access to exclusive deals on GMAT prep
    • 1-on-1 coaching for your MBA applications
    • virtual check-in sessions with other MBA Mamas
    • coaching for your internship / career search
    • concierge-level assistance with your relocation and/or childcare needs

    Senior leaders and executives

    • build your brand, get published and become a thought leader in your industry 
    • get compensated to give advice to MBA students and mid-career professionals on issues related to family and career planning











    Coaching Services for Non-Members

    Not interested in membership but still want to get assistance from MBA Mama as you navigate family and career? Our CEO helps women in our global community develop a game plan to accomplish their goals.

    Whether you need an accountability partner, help strategizing for a career pivot or promotion, or help prepping for MBA applications, Divinity is here to be of service. If you are interested in multiple sessions, customized coaching packages can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis depending on your income-level, family size and financial need.


    Divinity offers the following services:

    • Interview preparation and mock interviews
    • Reviewing your resume and/or MBA essays

    • Developing your business plan

    • Design and launch your personal website or blog

    • LinkedIn and/or social media makeover

    • Strategizing for career pivot or promotion

    • Negotiation practice and preparation

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    Ready to kick your career into overdrive?

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